Revolving Door Method

Often times companies have a need of liquidating their unused assets in a short amount of time. The issue with this approach is that it leads to taking a fire sale approach leading to receiving low returns.

The Equipment Hub provides unique broker services for companies desiring to sell individual machines or an entire business. We utilize two major sources to help companies maximize return on investment (ROI) on unused assets. We combine these sources to create a powerful and effective approach in liquidating your assets. We call the approach the Revolving Door Method.

Revolving Door Method - EH to AH

When we take the Revolving Door approach we maximize return in a very short amount of time. We multiply our advertising outreach by utilizing two different sales methods over and over again. Initially we start heavy marketing via Equipment Hub by listing each asset on various equipment sites, email blasting 1000’s of our contacts and by directly contacting companies that have expressed needs for the type of equipment we are selling. As we are doing this we begin building an online auction via Auction Hub in preparation of running an auction for the assets that don’t quickly sell. Once the auction build out is completed with the proper reserves determined by you, we will put a temporary hold on selling any equipment until the auction is completed. On average we typically will sell anywhere from 25-50% of the machines listed in the auction. Residual sales are also expected after the auction from people that were interested in a machine but weren’t able to bid on it. Once Auction Hub phase is completed we begin marketing via Equipment Hub again.