Asset Management Solutions

Asset Management Solutions

Outright Purchases

Our experienced acquisition team is always looking to purchase machinery for inventory. Striving to make every transaction as easy as possible, our team will make payment immediately after offers are accepted, take on coordinating of all rigging/shipping and conduct themselves in the utmost professional way. We understand that every successful business transaction is based on the idea that both sides got to win. Our goal is always to pay top dollar for every purchase making the act of selling off unused assets a no-brainer.

Auctions and Liquidations

At The Equipment Hub, we strive to provide as many options as possible to help our clients achieve their asset management goals. In certain circumstances, taking an auction or liquidation approach is the most effective method for maximizing your return on investment. By utilizing our huge database and strong marketing background, The Equipment Hub is a superior choice in fulfilling your asset management needs.


The Equipment Hub provides consignment and broker services. The Equipment Hub currently utilizes a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse for refurbishing and selling machinery. We offer competitive rates for storage and the selling of your machinery in-house at our facility. We also offer broker services to our clientele to sell from their facilities.

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The Equipment Hub Advantage

  • Tens of Thousands of Manufacturers in Our Database
  • Dynamic Email Blasts
  • Thousands of Visitors Every Week on Our Site
  • Online and Onsite Auctions
  • 40,000 Square Foot Temperature Showroom
  • CNC and Manual Technicians On Staff