Bending Machines

The Equipment Hub sells a wide variety of CNC cutting machines.  We sell CNC cutting machines used for cutting metal, wood, plastic, and composites.  Our CNC cutting machines include CNC lasers, CNC plasmas, CNC waterjets, and CNC routers.  Our knowledgeable staff is well versed in manufacturing and design.  We look forward to discussing your application to help you find the perfect CNC cutting machine.


Bystronic is a world-class manufacturer of high-end lasers cutters, bending machinery and automation.  With a passion for technology and service, Bystronic is a number one choice for the processing of sheet metal and other flat materials.


PBT is recognized as the world leader in precision profile bending machines.  PBT’s machines are utilized for complex aluminum profiles in architectural and automotive applications, solar collection fields, trade show exhibits and transportation systems.


Carell was founded to fill a need for tough, dependable plate rolls, angle rolls, pipe benders, horizontal presses and various other benders. Carell provides the broadest range of bending machines, options and tooling to match any budget and application.


ITEC is built on over 30 years of tube industry experience with an unparalleled reputation for industry leading service and support prior to and following the sale. Innovative Tube Equipment Corporation provides a variety of tube bending machines.