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Machitech Platinum Cut CNC Plasma Table

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  • Stock #: MT-PlatinumCut
  • Location: Stone Mountain, GA
  • Brand: Machitech
  • Model: Platinum Cut

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Stock Features:

• Available Sizes: 10’x20’ up to 30’x150’ (custom available)
• Gantry & Rails System, modular for expansion down the road
• Heavy Duty Construction for High Production needs
• Magnetic Torch Breakaway System
• Machitech Automatic Torch Height Controller
• Bosch Rexroth AC Servo Motor Drives (Ethercat)
• Innovative Patented Floor Mounted Inverted Rails System
• Fully-welded and Machined tables (Downdraft or Water)
• 12”x12” Heavy Duty Fully Machined Steel Gantry
• Oversized End-trucks for Maximum Stability
• Agma 10 Helical Rack & Pinion on all axis
• Bosch Linear Ways on Machined surfaces
• Ultra-precise Helical Planetary Gearboxes
• Heat shield under gantry to protect against heat
• Cables and hoses are protected by an Enclosed Power Track
• Hypertherm XPR300 Plasma System
• Hypertherm Edge Connect™ Controller


Table Capacity: 8″ (custom available)
Clearance Under Gantry: 12″
Cutting Speed: 500 IPM (related to process)
Max Speed Traverse: 1000 IPM
Repeatability: 0.001″
Positioning Accuracy: 0.002″


• Hypertherm XPR170, Hypertherm HPR400XD, Hypertherm PowerMax
• 5-Axis Full Contour Bevel Head
• 20HP Drilling and Tapping Station
• Additional Plasma Cutting Stations
• Up to 8 oxyfuel stations
• IHT Automatic Oxyfuel Torches
• Fume extraction Systems
• Pipe and Tube Cutting systems
• Cut N’Clean Slag Removal System
• Removable trays for easy cleanout (waterbed)
• Electronic raise/lower system (waterbed)
• Digitizing tablets
• Pneumatic scribe, inkjet or dot peen market
• Security system (pull cord, light curtain)
• Additional clearance under gantry

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