Finishing Machines

The Equipment Hub sells a wide variety of metal finishing machines.  We sell metal finishing machines used for deburruring, grinding and leveling sheet metal. Our knowledgeable staff is well versed in technology and manufacturing applications associated with metal finishing.  We look forward to discussing your application to help you find the perfect metal finishing machine.

NS Maquinas

NS Maquinas is a premium manufacturer of metal edge rounding and deburring equipment.  Their DM1100C edge rounding machine provides one of the most economical ways to break and round edges on sheet metal parts


Kohler has been designing and producing high-end leveling machines for more than 50 years.  With strictly electro-mechanical part leveling technology and the complete absense of hydraulic units, Kohler is the leader in the straightening and leveling industry


Kuhlmeyer has redefined the limited belt sanding process over the years. Today, Kuhlmeyer has automated and semi-automated solutions to finish a large variety of parts to a level impossible to achieve by hand with conventional tools.