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The Equipment Hub is a leading dealer of machinery equipment for small and large businesses all over the world. We offer an extensive selection of new and used machinery accessible online or in our showroom. Our massive inventory of high-quality machinery means that you’ll find the tool you need for the job at end and experience superior customer service after your purchase. We carry a wide variety of CNC Horizontal Machining Center, CNC Lathes, CNC Routers, CNC VMCs, Drills, EDM Machines, Grinding Machines, Lathes, and Milling Machines that are certain to fill your machinery needs. Whether you are looking to purchase new or used machinery equipment, we have the inventory and expertise to help your business grow.

About The Equipment Hub

The Equipment Hub is a leading new and used machinery dealer that provides superior machining solutions to manufacturers all over the world. In addition to our massive selection of fabricating machinery, we offer several asset management solutions, including outright purchases, auctions & liquidations, certified equipment appraisals, and consignment/brokering to help clients sell used machinery. We take our machining solutions to the next level with on-site repair services and maintenance packages that help ensure your equipment runs at peak performance for the duration of its lifespan. 

Why Buy Machining Equipment From Us?

Our services, solutions, and products are backed by top-tier customer service that ensures your purchase fits your exact needs. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or repair your machinery, our company is your one-stop-shop for satisfying all machinery needs.