Sawing Machines

The Equipment Hub sells a wide variety of CNC cutting machines.  We sell CNC cutting machines used for cutting metal, wood, plastic, and composites.  Our CNC cutting machines include CNC lasers, CNC plasmas, CNC waterjets, and CNC routers.  Our knowledgeable staff is well versed in manufacturing and design.  We look forward to discussing your application to help you find the perfect CNC cutting machine.


Since 1976, Cosen has been a world-leading manufacturer of band saws.  Today Cosen offer 140 different models of saws including vertical, horizontal, miter cutting, NC and CNC automatic and customized band saws.


Scotchman is a world leader in the production of cold saws, automatic cold saws, and ironworkers.  Located in South Dakota, Scotchman believes heavily in making machines that are high quality and built to last.