Sell Your Equipment: The Buying Process

The Equipment Hub provides you with several advantages in helping to sell your equipment or divest your machinery.  Since every company is unique and all used equipment has its differences, we find it is key to help determine what the best move is for you and your business.

Equipment Hub Advantages for Brokering or Buying your Equipment

  • Family owned company that believes in conducting business in an honest and transparent way
  • Have a stellar reputation
  • Always quickly pay for equipment making each transaction easy and expeditious
  • Have a high traffic website that provides maximum exposure of your machinery
  • Have an extensive customer network

At The Equipment Hub, we go through a three step process to actuate the best machinery divesture route for you.

Step 1

Company/Machinery Assessment

  • Visit your facility and meet with you
  • Take full inventory of machinery
  • Discuss all details pertaining to machinery from history of use to purchase prices
  • Begin discussing divestment goals

Step 2

Appraisal/Cost Assessment

  • Complete a full appraisal of equipment values
  • Determine demand of machinery, expected time to sell and potential cost of removal

Step 3

Client Review

  • Hold a meeting with you to discuss results of appraisal
  • Discuss all available options that meet your divestment goals
  • Determine most appropriate option and then execute plan

If your interested in talking to an Equipment Hub representative about your equipment divestment options please fill out the below form with your contact info.  Once you submit this form you will have the option to upload pictures, video, documentation or write description of your equipment on a secondary form.

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