Top New & Used Lathes for Sale in 2020

CNC lathes machine

Top New & Used Lathes for Sale in 2020

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Established in 2011, The Equipment Hub is a new and used machinery dealer that provides superior industrial equipment solutions to manufacturers throughout the world. Supplying both manual and CNC machine tools, we satisfy the needs of various companies looking for machining and fabricating equipment. In this article, we’ll discuss the varying Lathes, CNC Lathes, and Turning Centers that we offer. 

Our goal is to supply your business with the manufacturing resources you need to stay active and efficient. Continue reading to learn more about our lathes and relevant machinery products. 

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Types of Lathe Machines We Sell

Lathes are used in industrial manufacturing to perform actions and operations like cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning. 

Monarch 18" CBB 20-1/2" x 72" Engine Lathe

Engine lathes

Engine lathes are a type of horizontal machinery primarily used to cut metal. Lathes are used to create specific forms and spin sheet metal. Typically, cut pieces are used in automobile engines, machine engines, and other engines used in motorized vehicles.

Vertical Turret Lathes of VTLs

VTLs also referred to as VBMs, are large ram-type machines used for heavy-duty and high-powered cutting of medium and large parts. While they are not generally considered to be high-production machines, vertical turning centers can improve cycle times because they allow for more aggressive cuts.

Automatic Screw Machines

Automatic screw machines are a specific type of lathe that is generally used to machine small and medium-sized parts from varying sizes of bar stock. Our automatic screw machines offer several slides and spindles that hold various types of tools, offering the ability to machine high levels of volumes turned components with high precision and low supervision. 

Clausing 6913 14" x 48" Metal Tool Room Lathe w/ 6 Station Bed Turret

Turret Lathes

Turret lathes are metalworking lathe used in interchangeable cutting processes for the repetitive production of duplicate parts. The turret allows for easy, rapid succession and eliminates the need for an operator to perform set-up tasks in between. We carry manual and automated small, medium, and large-sized turret lathes.

Facing Lathes

Facing is a process smoothly that machines the ends and shoulders of a piece of stock that is smooth, flat, and perpendicular to the axis of the lathe. Facing is an excellent way to cut work to the desired length, and produce a surface on which measurements are able to be taken.

Gap Lathes

Gap lathes, also known as extension-type lathes are similar to toolroom lathes. The key difference between them is that gap lathes can be adjusted larger diameter and longer workplaces and can be used to turn very long workplaces between centers.

Popular Lathe Brands We Carry

Our customers are our number one priority. That’s why we only stock new and used lathes from the best manufacturers in the world. 

  • LeBlond
  • Poreba
  • Acer
  • Tos
  • Lodge and Shipley
  • Monarch
  • Summit
  • Sharp
  • American
  • Clausing

New CNC lathe

CNC Lathes & CNC Turning Centers

With continued technological advancements in the manufacturing industry, CNC controlled lathes are rapidly replacing older and more traditional production lathes like the multispindle. CNC lathes offer a number of newer benefits and are generally easier to set up and operate which provides significant repeatability and highly-accurate production.

Uses of CNC Lathe Machines

Generally, CNC lathes are designed to utilize modern versions of carbide tooling and processes. Parts can be designed for customization and the tool paths are typically programmed using CAD or CAM. Despite the computer-controlled designs, programmers can manually design a path or tool part as well and the uploaded coded-computer-file will direct the machine to produce the desired parts.

Because CNC machines are so versatile they are used as cutting tools in industries all over the world including, automotive, electronics, aerospace, firearm, manufacturing, and sporting. Finished examples of finished items created by advanced CNC lathe machines include: 

  • Baseball bats
  • Bowls
  • Camshafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Cue Sticks
  • Dining Room Tables and Chair Legs
  • Gun Barrels 
  • Musical Instruments

Popular CNC Lathe Brands We Carry

The Equipment Hub is dedicated to providing our customers with dependable solutions to their machinery and manufacturing needs. In order to best meet the highest possible quality standards, we carry new and used from the most trusted CNC lathe manufacturers in the world. 

  • Mori Seiki
  • Okuma
  • Mazak
  • Doosan
  • DMG Mori
  • Haas
  • Daewoo
  • Nakamura-Tome
  • Samsung
  • Hardinge

Returns on New & Used Lathes

As proud members of the MDNA (Machinery Dealers National Association) we back up our core belief by providing 30-day MDNA return privileges on most of the machinery we sell. While we strive to be as flexible as possible for our customers when it comes to returns, our dedication to selling high-quality and high-functioning products helps ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

Buying New Or Used: Equipment Hub Has it All

The Equipment Hub is a full-service machinery dealer, located in Atlanta, Ga, that provides superior industrial equipment solutions to manufacturers throughout the world. Our company offers a wide variety of services to help your company sustain productivity, increase profitability, and overcome your competition.  Our offerings include new equipment sales, used equipment sales, asset management services, on-site machine repair services, and appraisals.

We look forward to being your go-to source for all your machinery needs. Get in touch with one of our experts today to learn more about our business and how we can help yours.